Introducing Get the Gram



Likes and followers are cool, but they don't pay the bills. It's time to start monetizing your 'gram!

Constantly sending cold pitches to book new clients?

Never being able to sell out your courses or offers?

The feast and famine cycle of inconsistent income?

Posting on Instagram and only hearing crickets?

Struggling with what to post and feeling like giving up?

Well, you've come to the right place.

The algorithm isn’t a dirty word. This is a powerful tool you can use to scale your business and sell your services! I’m a social media strategist and coach who started hitting consistent $10k months using Instagram… but I only had 3000 followers!! Now I’m teaching you exactly how I did it and revealing all my secrets of selling on Instagram.

Get the ‘Gram will help you turn that field of crickets into a dedicated fan base buying everything you offer and shouting about your services from the rooftops! Say goodbye to exhausting $1-2k months and instead start collecting sales with ease.

You don’t need bots and you don't need to blow up strangers in the DMs to grow on Instagram. Quality content that creates CONNECTION with your followers is what gets you sales.


If you want to take your business to the next level, then there is no better course on the internet than Get the Gram! I have taken several of Ellen's courses and programs, and I can honestly say that she is an absolute master of the Gram! She truly cares about providing a  transformative experience for her clients and always delivers so much value. My business definitely wouldn't have reached the level that it is currently at without her support and guidance.

- Amy, Radiance Communications

Ellen helped me launch my new interior design Instagram during a Covid lockdown. I'm now busier than ever with clients finding me through Instagram and connecting with the content. It's been my number one source of leads in just one short year! This awesome woman knows her stuff.

- Lulu Wilcox, Celebrity Stylist 

Develop an easy-to-follow social strategy to get more clients

Learn how to create consistent content that converts

Learn how to triple your reach with Reels

Write killer captions, understand hashtags + so much more!



I was stuck living the 9-5 grind in a sad, dark cubicle when I decided to start my side hustle as a social media manager. I was sick of working under someone else and getting paid peanuts when I knew I was worth so much more. 

The hustle was real. Hours upon hours spent writing pitches to business, lurking in Facebook groups trying to find clients. I even said yes to writing Facebook posts about garage doors (snooze!) because I was so stressed about getting clients. 

But this all changed when I started optimizing my Instagram page. Suddenly I had lists of clients coming to ME. The chasing game was over.



I’m not a cheesy salesperson. I’m not trying to scam you. I didn’t start my business with a million-dollar “loan” from my parents. I started with $0 investment and built a 6-figure business from my parent’s spare bedroom in little old New Zealand.

In 2020 I launched the Dishing Up Digital School, a place for me to help coach aspiring social media managers and it opened up a whole new passion for me. This is my latest course dedicated solely to Instagram marketing and really diving deep into all the techniques that helped me grow and turn the platform into my number one source of leads.

✓ You are a coach, social media manager, graphic designer or service-based entrepreneur

You want to quit your 9-5 job and create your own work schedule

You want to make more money than your your full-time corporate job

You want to start making consistent sales with ease on Instagram


Content that converts

From writing amazing captions to producing graphics and making Reels, we cover it all!

Content Pillars

Create and easy to follow content strategy and clear vision for your brand.

Cut the Confusion

Cut through the confusion and learn how you can use the algorithm to your advantage.

This isn't just any old Instagram course, I want to set you up for huge success. Module 1 is about laying the foundations and making sure you understand the myths and how to build a strong mindset.

Let's learn the art of optimising your bio! In 4 video lessons, I'm going to show you how to get more clients just with your profile. We'll also talk about showing up authentically online.

It's time to talk content pillars. We need to analyze the exact pain points and attributes of your ideal client to know what content they need from you. Make sure you bring your notebook for this one!

Your photo stops the scroll, but it's the caption that creates connection - and ultimately gets the sale. We've got 4 video lessons on captions, plus downloadable caption starters and a hashtag bank.

In these next five lessons, we will cover everything from photo editing to graphic design to how to create the perfect feed layout. You'll also get some free downloadable graphics and a template!

How do we make our Stories sizzle? How do we capitalize on rising Reels? The answer's right here! Plus I've included a bonus vlog-style lesson where you follow me batch creating content for two days.

Last but not least, I want to turn you into a consistency Queen! Throughout 5 video lessons, we're going to talk about what and when to post and I'll sharing my scheduling systems I use to manage 10+  clients.

+ a bonus module 8! For a full breakdown of the modules, check out this 10-minute video here.

  • 8 high-value modules (30+ video lessons) to give you clarity on your Instagram strategy and all the tips I've used to scale my business to 6-figures
  • 10 downloadable worksheets and templates to keep you on track and get to your goals fast
  • 12-month access to the course 
  • 3-month free membership to the Insiders Club to provide a community and keep you accountable
    • weekly live streams
    • monthly live workshops
    • space to ask questions

Total Value = $3000

Your investment:


$499 USD



$199 USD


I LOVE working with Ellen she has helped me transform my Instagram page and presence dramatically. Her recommendations for what to post and advice on Reels has hugely increased my reach. I love working with female entrepreneurs that are both talented AND fun!

- Rachel Yan, 6-figure holistic health coach

Stop stressing about sales?

Have your ideals clients come to YOU?

Quit your 9-5 so you can make your own schedule?

Have more time and financial freedom so you can travel the world?

Start hitting those tantalizing $10k months?