Hey there! I’m Ellen, your Instagram fairy godmother. In 2019 I ditched the cubicle life and left my 9-5 magazine job behind to start my social media marketing agency, Dishing up Digital.

Since then, I’ve scaled my business, hired my dream team and built a life of freedom where I can work from anywhere in the world.

It wasn’t until almost a year working full time on my business that I realised I wanted to help others reach their digital nomad dreams too - not just learn how to use hashtags or what to write in their captions.

So I took the plunge and founded the Dishing Up Digital School in 2020, the number one coaching program for aspiring and new social media managers.

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The Dishing Up Digital Podcast is here to empower social media managers to build their dream life and business. In this podcast, you will learn everything there is to know about being a successful social media manager. From social strategy and Instagram hacks through to practical business advice like how to host a sales call or the mindset of an entrepreneur.